Customized products, OEM

Do you have special requirements? Do you perhaps need a particular glass part that isn't available as a standard product? Or are you looking for a partner for OEM products or small producitons runs?

No problem. Unique situations are the norm for us. We are happy to manufacture custom products, there are hardly any limits to what we can fabricate with borosilicate glass. Just upload your PDF sketch here. Or send us a short despription of what you need. If required we are aquipped to provide consulting at your Location.

Contact directly the contact person of your choice:

He looks for challenges:

Ernst Schneeberger
+41(0)62 789 60 52

He knows every product:

Markus Lippuner
Sales Office
+41(0)62 789 60 54

He always finds a solution:

Sacha Ruch
Sales manager
+41(0)62 789 60 55

Or send your request to all of us: