Product & services

The core competence of Schmizo AG is the development and manufacturing of customized glassware and equipment all the way to complete reactor systems on a consistent superior quality level.

  • glass reactors in more thatn 1'000 different sizes and shapes from 25ml to 25 liters
  • with nominal diameters from DN 60 to DN 300
  • with Schmizo- or SCHOTT-flanges
  • double-wall reactors
  • vessels in three-shell version with vacuum-insulated outer jacket
  • available with or without a bottom drain valve
  • surface grinded closure head and corresponding fastening systems
  • stainless steel laboratory racks (table-, wall- and ground-racks)
  • wide range of accessories such as stirrers shafts, bearings and motors, PH- and temperature probes, etc.)

Other specializations are offered in the area of manufacturing of special equipment on customer request

  • repair of any kind of glass equipment (including third-party products)
  • Standard laboratory glassware; as we are an offical dealer of DURAN we can offer you the whole range of standard expendable glassware
  • vacuuming of glass vessel
  • scoating of glass devices (Halar, PMA, PFA, PU)
  • halar coating of stainless steel
  • brown glass manufacturing
  • sandblasting
  • etching
  • graduating
  • precision grinding and polishing
  • quartz glass processing